Shopping in Milan

Shopping in Milan: in Corso Vercelli, Milano Lifestyle Avenue, you can find the latest fashion trends of the best commercial and business city in Italy!

Shopping in Milan is a unique experience. Not only because of the city’s famous leadership role in fashion and “Made in Italy”, but also because Milan, with its roads and shopwindows standing at the bottom of great 20th century buildings, creates a unique shopping atmosphere. No man or  woman, classy and fashionlovers can be not carried away to this kind of magic.

Shopping in Milan is a real pleasure, due to the many points of views. You can enjoy the time spent having an original Italian espresso in historical bars, and then to start a long walk among the storefronts, enjoying everything you observe: from dresses to accessorize, jewels and diamonds: unique temptations mark the beginning of new seasons and your image to feel a bit more special.

Among Milan’s many fashion streets, Corso Vercelli receives a top position thank to it’s high professional shops that are ready to satisfy needs and requirements of man, woman and kids.

In Corso Vercelli you can find top quality goldsmiths and jewellers, shops for “fashionable” children, shops for both men and woman seeking for special fashonable trends, bar and restaurants that look after their menu to meet every specific food demand: vegetarian dishes, fish and meet menu, sandwiches and  various main courses.

Last but not least, for those who love arts and painting, just few steps far from Corso Vercelli stands Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and its refectory, where you can admire Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest masterpiece, “The Last Supper”.


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